how to change mobile number in hdfc bank?

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Change Registered Mobile Number By HDFC Netbanking:

  1. Visit the official website of the HDFC Bank.
  2. Login to the HDFC Net Banking Page.
  3. Click on update Email ID and number.
  4. Edit the number you want to change.
  5. Confirm the number by typing it once again.

Answer 1:

If your Bhim PayTM PhonePe UPI App works & Funds transfer mobile recharges is happening,then think twice before changing Registered Mobile Number (RMN) in bank.

Cause my Bhim App (Not HDFC Bank) stopped doing funds transfer after I did this in March-2018. Till date, I can’t use PayTM, PhonePe for UPI Mobile Recharges, but can check my account balance via UPI PIN on PhonePe till 24/06/2020.

My bank (Not HDFC Bank) updated it’s Mobile Banking App-MBA (27/06/2020) & forced me to change my UPI PIN to 6 Digits, after which I can’t check my a/c balance also now via PhonePe, PayTM.

What is worse, is that, I can’t generate, 7 Digit MMID, for 3rd Party Bank Funds Transfers. But the same UPI PIN works perfectly for Intrabank funds transfer via MBA, Bill Payments through BBPS via MBA.

So I’ve to load & keep minimum ₹ 2,000 in my PayTM Wallet as PayTM is the only wallet which can be accessed both via Website, App & allows NetBanking Funds Transfer to it.

I surrendered my Visa Classic Debit Card in May 2019, as it’s annual fees, was increased from ₹ 100+GST to ₹ 250+GST in one go & due to risk of electronic frauds (I’ve never withdrawn even ₹ 100, via ATM, due to risk of card cloning, fake currency,or A/c getting Debited but cash not dispensed, Fraudulent withdrawal at remote ATM,when Card was with me etc)

You have to give, two letters,in writing, with your ID & Address Proof, to your HDFC Bank Home Branch, requesting the bank, to change your RMN, in Customer Profile first & then in Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, DRTD Card, if you use this,giving your Login ID’s & No.

Within one day it’ll be done. Don’t divulge your passwords or CVV # in the letter.


Answer 1:


It’s a simple step for change a registered mobile number in HDFC BANK.Firstly go to near your HDFC bank branch then get an mobile number change form from helping desk after fullfill the form with ur attested register your signature ,With in 7 days you mobile number will b change. you will get a massage from bank.

Your have a another way to change your mobile number via HDFC BANK ATM MACHINE..ATM machine provide this service with your atm card..When u enter a card in atm then u show an onther option in botton line in atm display.wher u follow these few steps to change ur mobile number .


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