how to transfer money from icicidirect to icici bank account?

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Can I transfer money from Icici direct to bank account?

Your ICICIdirect e-Invest account is more than a brokerage account. … Transfers of shares from/to your Demat account and transfer of money from/to your Bank account take place automatically with no paperwork.

How can I transfer money from Icici Bank to Demat account?

Go to the ‘funds’ or ‘accounts’ section and click on it. You will be presented with two options- add funds or withdraw funds. To initiate transfer of money from Demat account to bank account, click ‘withdraw funds‘. The total amount in your trading account will be displayed.

How can I add money to my Icici Bank Account?

  1. Swipe debit card and insert PIN.
  2. Select Cash Deposit.
  3. Select type of your account.
  4. Insert cash and complete the transaction.
How can I transfer money from my Demat account?
You can also transfer funds into your trading account by drawing a cheque in favour of your broker. However, that is only possible in case of an offline trading account. If you are having an online trading account, then you need to necessarily transfer funds only through payment gateway or via NEFT/RTGS

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